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Over the past few weeks, we have been designing and developing back-ends for different real estate companies in Kolkata and other parts of India . Our first project involved doing a back end work for Siddha Pines , as a subcontractor . The project was quite interesting and a very useful part of any real estate website.

Using php mysql , we created a system which would allow a web visitor to see a Availability chart for the different flats . Every flat is innovatively   showcased with the diagram on top and it’s rooms and floor – showing which is empty and which is booked. If the visitor chooses one he is interested in, he is also provided an estimated final cost which includes various details and a inquiry form to the site owners.

Besides this project , there was another small project which involved a HTML website , for Bhavani projects – a company from South India. Out job was only to convert their existing design into web pages and host it .

And the latest project on real estate is completely our own  , from the scratch . I will be posting more details about it later on , but for now I can say that it will be mostly done using Macromedia Flash , with animations , intro and also some amount of database backend .

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